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Cupaya.com is part of Buy2All Bazaar Pvt Ltd established in 2010. cupaya.com is connecting manufactures and raw materials suppliers as well as human resources requirement of the companies/ institutions. We are committed to provide seamless and efficient process for manufactures and suppliers.


G.Thamizharasu - Managing Director

G.Thamizharasu is a graduate in MA English in Alagappa University. Ha has 14 years of business experience. He is intermediary member in National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and Multi Commodity Exchange.

He has knowledge in Valuations,Research and analysis, Micro economy, Macro Economy,Investors expectations, Central banks Monterey and development measures and business life cycle.Currently he is the managing director of the buy2all bazaar (P) Ltd.

Sindhu Gopalsamy - Director

G.Sindhu Graduated in B.E information technology in Mahalingam College of engineering and technology and then Post graduate degree in Information systems and management from University Of Warwick, UK. She has varied business experience over 6 years in the UK and in India. She has experience in team management, Risk Management, Marketing. She has very good understanding of e-commerce growth. An entrepreneur at heart, currently she is Director of Buy2all bazaar (P) Ltd.​

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