How to become successful online tutor?

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How to become successful online tutor?

What are the equipment’s required to take online class?

Author: thamizharasu gopalsamy

Equipment required to be a online tutor 1) Webcam or HD Video cam, 2) Microphone or head phone, 3) Light or good sun light 4) Tripod Share with you friends : img { width: 34px; height: auto; border: 0px; } .inbound-social-share-bar-container { display: inline-block; } .inbound-social-share-header { vertical-align: middle; } { z-index: 50; -webkit-transform: scale3d(1.075, 1.075, 1.075); } […]

How to produce online classes?

Author: thamizharasu gopalsamy

Download  following 5 Software : 1. Screen casting software 2. Video Editing Software 3. Audio editing Software 4. Supporting utility-1 5. Supporting utility-2 (ii) Installation of software following software you download and saved your system. Now you have to install all. For Unzip purpose., you required winRAR or any other related software to UnZip. 1.Install Video editing software : videopadrefsetup_cnt.exe 2.Unzip […]

Sell a course before start : online Course validation

Author: thamizharasu gopalsamy

SELL A COURSE BEFORE START Course validation Step:1  Service – course name Step:2  Market – potential student Step:3  feed back – sell/create course Step:1  Service – course name Computer course Program Name/Topic  + beginners or tutorial or training Language courses Language Name/Topic + Learning or speaking or grammar Personal Development Course/Topic + Improvement or Development or Training Step:2  Market – […]

Terms of upcoming tutors?

You have to follow below procedure.

  1. You have to complete the course fully with in 30 days.
  2. You must have good working knowledge of all the software’s mentioned in the course.
  3. You must start your own course in with alt least 7 Lessons.
  4. Lesson must have Minimum of 120 Min video. inclusive of min 30 min in person video explanation.


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